Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Attempt at cooldom

I have decided to actually share my life with this blog. See, I only write general details because:

a. If I'm doing something uninteresting, and I write it down, it look like my life's boredom purgatory.
b. If I share something interesting, it would seem as if I'm boasting,name-droppint, etc... and that would be the least cool thing in the face of cooldom.

So my aloofness to my own blog is actually a product of my climb to cooldom. Eew.

Therefore, with whatever theories I end up with as contributed by the statements, I will still try to share my life. Because if I stop thinking about what you think, then I will be so fucking cool B-) ... and happy too.

Still, no pressure.



[/] 60pts The closet
[] 15pts Change bedsheets
[] 20pts Do something about the bags everywhere
[] 45pts Scrub every tile and between in the bathroom
[] 20pts Clutter of books and magazines everywhere
[half] 30pts The makeup closet and shoes
[] 50pts Pictures on the wall
[] 15pts Accessory drawer
and of course
[90%] 1000pts Work. (MAP Powerpoint fuckingshit)
900+60+15 = 975 over 1255 = 88%!!!

1. Ate Neng cleared the closet for me. Yey. And that's not cheating there's no rule stating that you can't explore any method as long as you get the work done. Besides there are no rule at all.
2. I only got to clean the makeup closet.
3. I finally finished the (STUPID FUCKING) powerpoint. I just have to put it in CD and deliver. No, the project is far from done because the bosses have a case spontaneous demanding-ness... in a nice voice you can't refuse. Cry cry.

Nice people are evil!

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