Saturday, June 6, 2009


1. Utos ng Hari by Jun Cruz Reyes is the father of all Philippine comedic short stories. And yes, the only reason I got around to reading this is because he claimed my "Mental Letter to Eva Fonda" short story has potential. He also announced that my english sucks, and that I'm better off not trying to shock anyone with any of my futile writing 'techniques' (ugh). Nevertheless, that is a far far cry from the hurtful "no comments" meaning you are beyond useless.

2. June = snuggleweather (But LDR still on) + sucky internet + rain rain rain. Lots of it.

Also, The AH1N1 virus is everywhere. UST is in quarantine mode, so classes start on the 15th. I don't think I really care.

3. Pauline (the 9year bestfriend) is back. Yippee. I'm hoping that this means a lot of sleepover at her house. This may also mean me going home with a bunch of goodies (flashy notebooks, chocolates, hand-me-down clothes, and just recently an english textbook). We do, however, need to spend less.

4. Girls suffer the same delusion. The standards we set are of miniseries value.
Well me and my friend do/used to. I guess, there's always something that we share with the people close to us: some sort of work/party ethic? Reachable goals? belief? Yadayadayada *insert drama here*.

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