Monday, June 15, 2009


1. Found perfect affordable pizza in the comfiest poshiest accesible place... Joey Pepperoni, Quatro Formaggi at 165php 8"... 50% off at 2-6pm at Savemore, a tryk ride from home.

Verver pretty, and private. Almost secluded. And undoubtedly affordable.

2. Records show that on March 15 2008, I was 82 pounds.

3. Records show that on June 14, I wrote a letter to the NL.

Hello musicbox. :) Clicky. It's at the sidebar.

I don't know how long the warmth will stay... because if I get drained of it completely, I'm not very sure where I'll end up again.

Di nio gets noh? Ako lang makakagets nian.

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