Tuesday, June 23, 2009


1. Reintroduction to Music.

I love the following bands: The Kooks, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Switchfoot, Radiohead, Matt White

The said bands are the worksongs along with the old favorites (Amy Winehouse, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Arctic Monkeys, Julie London, The Cardigans, Up Dharma Down).

I also like (or love maybe. I'm in a confused time) Andrew Bird, The Donnas, Pedicab, The Rolling Stone

I've given up on listening to Incubus, Led Zep, Kate Nash, Lily Allen, Itchyworms, Matchbox20, The Corrs (Ugh). Not that they're bad. I just have to give my eardrums a rest.

I'm very sorry but I can't seem to appreciate The Moldy Peaches, Great Lake Swimmers, Jimmy Eat World, Mark Ronson.

(Disclaimer: The mentioned artists are just some of the artists I can remember right now.)
(Totally namedropping.)

2. The regulars:

My room is still a mess. And yes, I always strive to straighten it up every night. My sister's are staying here because relatives are all over the house.

My insomnia is still bad. I won't be sleeping tonight.

My hair is growing.

Am currently looking camcorder software online.

3. Thesis

It's a youth-oriented National Writer's Workshop for Creative Writing. Think about it. It's the same high we artists feel if we find that the greatest artists in the country are willing to share their technique with us. The most prestigious advertisers orienting us on how they process.

You just have to prove you're worth it.

And it's totally all about the youth so the design proposals will be so fun and modern and posh. PLUS hello, related lit material.

And hello, if I'm going to work on something for a whole year, might as well work on something I love. Besides other people had worse ideas and they made it work. Tahong, anyone?

4. Family

It's the ultimate reunion. School, work and AH1N1 isn't stopping it. Looking forward to a lot of dinners, out of towns, and more reunions.

Weirdly, we're all having fun. Ho-hum.

P.S. The lolo is a walking faux pas. And since I'm supposed to be used to it, I find it amusingly annoying and not just purely annoying. Besides, family love.

5. Misc

So the relationship was short-lived. Cut me some slack.

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