Friday, June 19, 2009

Lies and Soundscape

The folks would always be able to tell if your hair smells like smoke. The other half would always know if you have an extra phone with you for extra-curricular activities. The strangers would know if you're just making up an awful joke. The profs know that you're not late because of unforeseen circumstances, and you just woke up late. The friends know that you're in love with her, even if you say you like someone else.

Just stop lying now, will you.


My musiclife is on a roll. Spent a sum of 6 hours downloading and I figured I love rock. Weird.

Bad music is just annoying. I wish I could clear the world of bad music.

The universe is great. God created music to drown our thoughts.


Life is all about the indulgence (e.g. walking, MTV, chilly weather, crushes, good haircut, waking up all snuggly.)

Rant: These guys are just a bunch of pussies. They want to be the epitome, but can't because they don't have that character. It's man glamour, it's all a stupid contest of who gets wasted most.

(Not you friends. :* )


jayrome said...

tama yung rant mo. i know one.

you like rock? awesome :D

macci said...

Diba!!? It's the guy form of social-climbing hahaha.

Oo, I THINK I like rock. :D