Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The grandfolks are arriving on Saturday. Yup, this Saturday and not on September 2nd as originally planned.

For a month I would be subjected to my household's version of martial law. I have to be home within an hour after the classes. Any indication of alcohol, nicotine, or even any form of unclassiness (such as soiled or unironed clothes) are more than 'frowned upon'.

Also, the lolo is 10x louder than I am, and the lola 10x more discriminative. My lolo will be bringing his fellow seniors in the house whatever time he pleases, and the lola will interogate our (especially my mom's) every move.

And no boys allowed. Any conduct involving boys will cause an allowance decrease.

And I am not exaggerating.

No overnights, no parties, no mischief. Plus, really, an overdose of peskiness.

I love them, I do... but to put it lightly, it's not very comfortable with them around. Especially now that.......


Anyway, I have to clean my room. The following areas are to be covered within an eight-hour period:
(The points correspond to the task's difficulty)

[] 60pts The closet
[] 15pts Change bedsheets
[] 20pts Do something about the bags everywhere
[] 45pts Scrub every tile and between in the bathroom
[] 20pts Clutter of books and magazines everywhere
[] 30pts The makeup closet and shoes
[] 50pts Pictures on the wall
[] 15pts Accessory drawer
and of course
[] 1000pts Work. (MAP Powerpoint fuckingshit)

... And this entry sounds so political.



jayrome said...

grabeng grandparents yan a. how long will they be staying ba?

macci said...

1 month -_-. may power cla, cla kasi nagpapaallowance sakin e.