Tuesday, June 23, 2009


People die and it sucks. It sucks becasue they leave you. It sucks because it's abrupt. It's not like they just fade away as if some sort of detoriorating friendship. It's almost unrecognizeable, even if you know that it'll be coming.

Deaths rip you of a part of yourself. Like an arm. And you can't have it back.

Background: He's my dad's uncle and therefore, my 'lolo'. Whatever. He's the head of the whole clan. He's the chief. He's one of those characters whose absence you would notice. And he kept the family together.

It's the first time I've actually experienced a death in the family. And because he'd existed in my life since forever, it's weird knowing he's not here anymore. I mean, if I didnt KNOW that he's not here anymore, maybe it would be different.

The whole family is flying in from different parts of the world, and as my cousins put it, homes are fully booked.

Yes, he's not young, but I never imagined him passing away.

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