Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The universe speaks

The thing about music is, I dont need it too much. I like going to gigs for the alcohol, for the people, for the airconditioning.

Yes, for the live entertainment, but that's just half of it.

But sometimes, after 48 hours of no actual music, and you hear any song (in my case, earlbabuy.blogspot's), you just immerse in it and linger.


I've been told that I have no guts to speak of. And your words, my dear, cant be any truer.


Weird thing happened. I was walking AND I STEPPED ON A NAIL. WTFF. I hopped to the nearest empty carinderia and investigated, and yes it was indeed a rusty nail and it pierced through my flipflops. Funny thing, it missed my flesh by a centimeter. It actually scraped off part of the thick skin at the ball of my foot (pota. anu tawag dun?).

If I werent very lucky, I'd be temporarily crippled because my foot's nursing tetano.

This has got to have some sentimental symbolic message from the universe.

Leche. No.

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