Sunday, June 29, 2008


Gallery girls and gallery boys.
Shet. Agh.


Woke up at 4.30pm today. Slept at 11.30pm. Grabe. 17 hours.

I have to fix myself.

I barely have the energy. To work. Or think. Or even stand up. Grabe, something's wrong with me. Alam MO un... you know who you are. I feel scared, dear. Sobra. Natatawa ako na dito ko cnsabi.. kasi pwede ko nmn sabihin in person. Pero it's still a blessing in disguise. The threat of it palang. Super blessing na. I'm actually almost fearless. Ewan.

Secrecy makes it a fucking big deal. Pero WE know how it goes, dont we?
I love you.
Shet naiiyak ako.
Amost fearless. Iniicp ko nlng is six-months. Whatever that means.

Shet. I'm being cryptic again.

Stop writing. Please. Lalo ka tuloy gumugulo. Haha.

I have to fix myself.
Naiiyak na ko.

Ayoko magpa-fucking-awa! Pero. Help.
No one's coming. We're all we've got. Hindi c Enel ang magaayos nito.

This is for myself.


nicalicious said...

where are you? i love you!!! do you know that "THAT" was the first thing i thought of in the morning.


love you!

insane_orange said...

chin up, dear.