Sunday, June 22, 2008

Life starts at 4pm

I hope and I pray na may maglinis na ng locker namin. Ugh. Not me, definitely. Ugh. And the door's jammed.


I haven't been extremely punctual the past few weeks. I've missed more or less four first classes already. DL ol' me, no?

It's just sooo hard to lift my body up from bed, see. Especially when I spent the night up because I can't sleep. I'm thinking on taking pills for it, but pills make it hard for me to be awake the whole next day too. And pills are expensive.

Speaking of expensive, 3rd year is overpriced. There's the camera, oil pastel materials, and well.. you kinda need a laptop too for ad design. Add that with the regular expenditures of paints, brushes, pens, sketchpads, yadayadayada.


Don't wait for happiness to arrive. Be happy ngayon pa lang.


room pics

(buhat ng insomnia, this is what we get)

Different forms of kalat. Wow art.


geno said...

hahahah if clutter is art, then my room's a gallery! hahahah love nylon and gaiman though!

macci said...

they're youuursss. hahah!