Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Admit it.

Macci, babe sweetheart darling, you're just a normal girl with a normal life. It's semi-fantastic, alright alright... but well, YOU'RE AT HOME!!!


And you do not have a date today.

Sulk sulk.

I mean, there are guys out there. YOU KNOW THAT. And you're a pretty girl, thankyouverymuch, but it just doesnt work that waaayyyy.

I mean, you're not even that charming to begin with. Your friends say so because you make them.

School's coming in.. hmmm 8 days? No back to school parties? No nothing? Oh aside from the trip, yeah.

Well, kasi naman. You're so mainipin. Just think of all the things you got to accomplish this summer? I mean, lookiieee... that's more than what lots of people get to accomplish in a year. Well, uhhh.. social-wise. It's still kulang, though. I mean, you're not exactly 'on a roll', are you?

Yadayadayada. In Louie's terms: blah blah blah... Ipagsamasama mo nlng lahat ng guys mo this summer (not that they're a lot and too concrete) and that would soo pretty much categorize you as 'semi-single' and not totally. Hooray!


julia's hair on me. woohoo. comments comments! tag tag!


wacha think?

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