Saturday, June 7, 2008

love is like alak

waaah. the predictions came a little bit too true. ack.

frankly speaking... sorry for the misbehavior. O_O

but more importantly, thanks for the love. lots of it.

super thanks to migz senires for being super caring and being a great cook... so sweet, dear. to nica for the mega over motherly care! pero serioso, i loovee you. and louie too, the salts saved my life. teta, ang landi mo. teresa, go crush on a guy this time, will you, sweetie?

thanks to the boys for getting along. SOOO FEELING NIYO CLOSE NA KAYONG LAHAT!? thanks for everyone who took care of me and made me happy. grabe.

miguel: "unfortunately, you're not fucking right now." LOL LOL LOL
anonymous: "yes. yes. no. yes."

haha. manny the laugh.

amp! kanin ng lagim.

palpak ung pics btw. wasnt able to capture the "moments". amp. dslr kasi e, laging tago.



love is like alak.

masarap while you're getting there, tipsy. tapos when you do get there.. basag ka na. you no longer know what you're doing. siighhh.. things people do for love. then, you wakeup the next morning and love is gone. ultimate hang over! it sucks!!it hurts, i know.. pero carry lang. your ok the next day na.

then you vow never to intake a drop of alcohol ever again! then your friend invites you over for a "drink"... then it starts all over.


i could've written the whole thing in a more poetic fashion but my overheating laptop doomed it impossible. plus my lack of push.

atleast it's honest.

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