Thursday, June 5, 2008

uncensored post

bukas magooutting kami.

uncensored-ly speaking.. what the fuck! im getting myself drunk until i vommit half my body weight and can no longer grasp any memory of the fucking night.

im wearing my bikini all day. just the way i always wanted.

and im wearing a dress, huge huge shades, and a huge huge bag.
im wearing my lovely lovely gray chucks and my mom's mango scarf! (its new! yahoo!!)

im going to dance to the ipod music.


im playing poker!

im screaming! i'm laughing! im joking, im teasing the day away!

if i dont get a guy, i dont get a guy. if i get a guy, i get a guy... who cares. ack. kablock ko lng nmn mga un and some. parang brothers lang. ugh.

im going to smell like chlorine. and smoke. and alcohol. and girly sweat. and guy
sweat (ooh).

im turning off my phone! fuck you, darling! mwah!

im bonding with my girls.
im bonding with my guys.

i wont wear eyemakeup.

im not sleeping tonight. im not sleeping tomorrow night.

if this doesnt work.. who cares. the night is ours dearests!

i dont want to care!! about anything! but the night! ill take what you give me, ill have what i can have!

its poetry in my mind.

p.s. pag ako nakatulog pakshet.

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