Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Working working working.

Louie told me to post this, so here we go:


Every beato soul will be pulling an all-nighter tonight. Three days of no classes means, two and a half days of enjoying yourself, then cramming everyting on the late afternoon of the third day. Typical. Do our best to concentrate a three day worth of plates and misc in a 12 hour period inclusive of a 30 minute break every quarter. Oh well, it has always worked.

So the question goes: Will I sleep tonight? Ampf.


insane_orange said...

Hey, I'm nearly done. I just need to borrow Chua's white tech pen, and I'm golden.

Plus, this paper isn't due till thursday, friday at the latest, so I can sleep whenever I want.

macci said...

Chua's magical white techpen that everyone seems to need!