Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Afterthought

You know the kids are not kids anymore when you can no longer make them play 'the longest line' and 'bring me'. Then again, you know that they can't actually be adults because they give it their best shot at 'hep hep hooray'... which, because of the season, has been altered to 'merry christmas'. Same rules, just different set of words and actions. Either way, adults and non-adults alike give in to playing BINGO because of the 500 php pot money!

I didn't get it.

So this is the first xmas in history I don't get money.

We kids should've played longest line. Now that I'm not that rich (tama lang. steady), I wish we did play the annual longest line. I mean the fact that I lug rolled up tissue around is sure to help anyway.

Whatever. Hahahaha.

Still had a great time.

Required. It's christmas e.

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