Friday, December 19, 2008

The first and overdue xmas post.

Pasko pasko pasko nanamang muli.

Where are you christmas?

I can't find you because I'm broke, I'm stressed, and I'm worried. And because I've grown up.

Adtu block party tomorrow. Not expecting much. Whatevs. Another no pressure party. Pag di kayo nagsipuntahan bahala kayo sa buhay niyo dahil inaamin ko na bitter ako. Ok?


Still On Probation, even if I can sneak a few drinks here and there. I mean I can go out by daylight anyday as long as I don't go home too late. That's not happening soon. Well, maybe I have to appreciate it. There's always a bright side to everything. The assuring silver lining behind every yadayadawhatever cloud.

I bet my plate will be good. Harharhar.


The first xmas gift I got this year was the Unofficial Adtu Girls Notebook as illustrated by Nica herself.

AHLAVET! AHLAVET TO DEATH. You are officially a creative mind.



First TWG Workshop a while ago. I knnooowww my poem got the beating it deserved, it was good critique. Unbiased. Personal. Subjective. General. Yadayada...

Hahaha. Thing is I can get use to it. Yay! I'm strong.


I DONT WANT TO MISS ANY PARTIES. Is there even any to miss?

Oh, the Sobs dinner. Will it push through? I wonder.

I'd love it if it does though!

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