Sunday, December 14, 2008

On Probation

I will strictly be following the Cinderella curfew parentally promulgated once upon a time. Well, if they ever let me out, then I swear in the name of my Conchinita Cruz I will be home before the clock strikes 12 for the rest of the year.

Ad5 party rocked. Yeaaah, I know. I went.

I ditched BigBoy's semi-formal-ish socialite-ish ish 500php astoria christmas party for one that isn't my block's own. Next time, dear. Pramis! Sorry talaga I ditched.

Ad2 block party after paskuhan pushing through. Hopefully. Kayo bahala. I am not in proper sanity to make decisions now anyway.

No gifts for anyone yet. Can't even think of things I want for myself.

I am officially sabaw.
Does it matter?

Currently doing the overoveroverdued caricature rendering WHILE waiting for the parentals to go home and give me my second dose of reprimand. My throat hurts. And I am properly groggy.

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