Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mandate Christmas Season Post

Christmas eve later and I'm not looking forward the gifts. Na-uh. I'm looking forward my dad's grilled lamb concoction and all the other great food.

Everyone's been complaining that the christmas spirit is fading away. Scary. Next thing we know (around a century), there wouldn't be any christmases to speak of.

Back to the modern times, I just want to REMIND the whole of the universe that gifts are given to remind someone of yourself. What the? Okay, what I actually meant is, gifts are given to somebody as a part of yourself.

E.g. Aiwa gave everyone something that reminds her of them. She gave me a pair of leopard-print shades, because my (un)trusty ninoyaquino, perfectlyaviator, 700php Aldo shades got dismembered. Yeah, I tried having it fixed... to no avail. POINT IS, Aiwa's giving me animal-print shades to lessen the sorrow. Love love dear.

The thing is, sometimes (usually, always), the person's worth to us is directly proportional to his/her gift's PRICE. Okay, so maybe I'm complaining because I'm not very rich right now. (Not very rich = not broke but NOT VERY RICH).

Gawd, I already had my point through. You do get what I mean, right? Why am I even bothering, I haven't even bought gifts for lots of people yet! Friends, misc (chabbo).


Bad case of insomnia.
And it's christmas eve later.

^Ehem. No I did not just right WRITE a poem. I just press enter a little bit too much. Not that it matters actually.

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