Thursday, December 4, 2008


The wordless empty box.
I just cant take everything. Haha.




Hmmm... Nici came over in the middle of the night, just as planned, and I forgot to lock the door. Sneaking around has been becoming more usual then ever. My dad is a man of few words, and when he reprimands, it strikes hard.

"Please be responsible naman."

No more partie for me for a while. Not this week.

I keep on asking for help and people keep giving it to me. "Are you even helping yourself?"

A bit. I'm actually doing plates again now. And next thing I know, I don't get late anymore. Hopefully, rawr. And the nextest thing I know, I'm back in the greatest shape ever.

Well, I'm in a good shape, just not the greatest.

I just need a bit of work.

This, my friends, perhaps, is a plead for help. I am officially announcing that I need a push. I need yous, loves.

It's 1:29, I haven't had dinner, I'm broke and I need sleep. And oh yeah, my head hurts.

Salamat sa inom mga kapatid. Lalo na sa kapatid kong whore, artist, at outlaw. You know who you are loves. :)

Sunshine tomorrow and I'm absorbing every bit of it. Wish I could help.

Wish I could stop bein such a cryptic diarist.

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