Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Morning.

9:15 am
On a regular thursday morning.

Class starts at 7. I woke up at 8.30. All that despite the new old-school (red and pretty :D) alarm clock I place on my desk for inconvenient access, and the usual mobile phone alarm. Yadayada.

I can't keep this up.

But I'm blogging right now. Wtf?


In being late, you have the liberty to dry your hair so it ends up being pretty and lugay worthy, apply the infamous no-makeup makeup properly (which actually just takes 5 mins to execute), eat breakfast, stretch stretch stretch, fix your bed, and bring the proper amount of school stuff.

Stretcy stretchy stretchy. My body's aching. Maybe the fact that I lug around stuff half my body weight contributed to that.

Fuck. My english is so weird this morning. Lit overload!


Tidbits from yesterday:
Pedro Illustrado
Poetic *insert any word here. ANY*
LaSalle Girl
Ang boyfriend kong di ko mahal.
Ang ma-sendan si orange bag ng sarili niang picture na (fucking) edited.
Pride or unpride

I had dinner alone at 1am in the morning. The sad verity is I'm getting used to it.

I really need to bring my own house keys, since I go home a little too late everyday. Not completely my fault.

9:28... I'm all dressed up. Kinda. Anyhows, KILOS!

P.s. LP later. Ugh. I hate LP. I will be hating LP until I get my painting right.

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