Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For the sake of me and all my block peers

PRO Duties.

Ambassador of Goodwill mode:

Photography Prelim Requirement:

1. Human Subject
*Against the light
*Without flash (Silhouette)

2. Human Subject with Flash
(Meter the background)
(Fill-in flash) (Smaller aperture)

3. Low key (light) *Any subject

4. High key

5. Landscape/ Cityscape/ Seascape
*15 mins Before or after sunset or sunrise.

6. Candle light/ light by fire/ similar small light source
(without flush) ((DUH!))

7. Any night scene shot (without flash)

8. Subject lighted with flash light / led light

9. Light sculpture

10. Structure painted with flash
(Evening Shot) ((Bulb setting?))

11. Double exposure
*Bulb setting

12. Shoot sunbj using rear function of flash ((WHATEVER FUCK THAT MEANS))
(Rim lighted subject) ((WHATEVER FUCK THAT MEANS PART 2))

Print the photos, 4R. Submit on 2nd week of September.

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