Friday, July 18, 2008


It's 3:25 and I'm still awake. Refreshingly, I dont feel like killing myself because insomnia sucks.

Lately, everything's being just dandy.

My dad always asks me on the ride home, same question, "How are you?" and I find myself answering, "Better" every single time.

Better and better.

I didnt want to say it out loud, lest jinxing it, but here it is.

We survived dearests. All of us.

I love yous.


On the other hand, I still need to do the ff:

1. Have my teeth measured (WTF!) I lost my retainers and I need to go back to the orthodtist and make her make me a new one. It costs 3000Php and I'm paying half of it because ditzy old me couldn't find the pink ones. I mean, where the eff cuould I have lost it?

2. LTS Puerto Gallera Orientation tomorrow. Oooer. Adventure. No dears, I'm not expecting anything at all. It can be boring for all I care. But it would really be nice to get out of Manila (again) with friends (and strangers. ooooer.)

3. Article for Likha Mag. I need to get in. I NEED. My heart wont be happy unless I'm in. I'm thinking about writing about insomnia, I mean I have the credibility, don't I?

4. Studies for Ad Prod. Or maybe I'm using Chep's. But it's obviously not my work!! Basta I'll make a new one pa. Just in case. Teta, this is your fault.

5. Pau and I need to go out somewhere next Friday. We might go to a bar, and I can make her stay here for the night and we'll just go to school together in the morning. Or maybe, I can just stay at her place for the night. That would be great too.

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