Monday, July 28, 2008

Gig Hangover.

FIRST OF ALL: Tag if the Music Box is killing you. Tell me if you A. want me to change the collection B. Want me to make it just stop playing C. Want me to just remove it because no one like listening to it anyway.


6am and I didnt want to blog earlier, but since there's nothing else to do but have breakfast HERE I GO AGAIN!

do you know that i love you?

Oh yeah, verrryy nice gig the other night. Thanks you Tita Che for all the freestuff. I know you're not reading my blog, none of your sons do.. so what the heck, right?

Anyway, it made my week. Or actually ruined it because I didnt get any work done. Which is unfair because I'm blaming the gig when it's all COMPLETELY my fault anyway. Starstudded sa it was, I only post pics I like. Not pics of people I LIKE.


oh yeah, this is My Dad, The Rockstar!!

Had a really fun night. I want more foooood!

Kublai's should really buy my menu from me. What the, I'll actually give it for free if they want it.


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