Thursday, July 24, 2008

a 'new' approach to blogging

It's 3:21 am and I just read from Reader's Digest about the benefits of sleep. To pretty much sum it up, the article states that sleep will make me a better, smarter, prettier, and way fun-ner person.

3:24am. I could've been on my way to school right now, and five hours from now, on a boat to one of the "pretties" islands in the Philippines. But well, LTS is moved next week, so I guess I just have to suck it up. I mean, I wasnt ready anyhows. No clothes, no nothing.

3:27am and Earl, Chep, and Khan are online. The men of my lives. Well, some of the few. These guys are heaven-sent. :) I heart yous.

3:27am I really do love Photog. Seriously. I posted my takes online and they can be viewed here: my flickr.

3:29am If you must know, things have been dandy for me these days.

Enough of the time shit. Ive been spending time doing plates. I mean what else is there to do? Life has been a pleasurable and slightly altering routine. Routines kill. Still.

Im supposed to go with Bry and feed the poor a little later, but he hasnt confirmed yet. We would love that, us two. The philantrophist in my body will finally get to do his/her work.

On Friday, Louie and Chep might hang about her in the am. Coffee, plates and company. Not bad.

I have plates to do, lots. Nica and Jihan are facing the same dilemma. The only difference is, they've started theirs, and I've nothing yet. Oh well.

I lost my retainers, and I have to pay the devastating amount of 6000Php to get myself a new pair. This sucks. My teeth are getting worse and I just lost 6k. Ampf.

Im doing the "Potential Move" on this guy I've known since forever. Hmmm. Hope he doesnt read my blog. He'll know himself when he reads this. Besides no one knows about the "Potential Move" aside from a selected few anyways.

3:36am I think I'm getting a bit sleepy already. Perhaps. My room's a mess and Id rather sleep downstairs than here. Im not using my laptop because it's in the verge of a breakdowna and I dont wanna risk it.

And this blog post is still insigificant.

On the other hand, below is an image defining how girls are. Stalkers.

Goodnight. Til next time readers.

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