Friday, July 18, 2008

Article Trial 1

Before I drag my skinny pretty ass to bed, here's an attempt to an article, which I will never publish formally because I dont want to be banned anywhere.

Censored title:
Why CFAD students chose the right course


As long as feeble minds are dominating the population, Advertising will be (God) the dictator of the everything. Media will only be effective when injected with proper amounts of advertising artistry. A little content. Ample aesthetics. And competent strategy.

The children of the next generation is driven by the messages sent by Advertising. Psychologically, our actions and definitions--of what is right and wrong, normal and abnormal, popular and unpopular, beautiful, plain and ugly--is influenced both conscioulsy and subconsciously by effective forms of advertisements.

That is why, dear CFAD students, we are (Gods!) bounded by responsiblity to dictate the correct messages to the public.

Perhaps, we work behind a single statement or cause. We are the reason these causes rampantly reach the and motivate the public. The question is, what causes are we for? Our selection of what to support can change the direction of the future.

And ofcourse, all the talking I've just done is bullshit. Thank you for your time and forget everything I've just said because I'm not submitting this to the school/college paper. Salamat.

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