Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Heart

Its like I'm not fully comprehending that the week ahead will be deadly. Deadlines, left and right... work... LTS..

And I havent done anything useful yet.

2. Ad Des Web Graphics
3. Photo. 10 Photos
4. LTS Shits: E.g. Buy aqua shoes / crocs-is shoes.

Goodness, please let me have the energy to finish this. And Im awake. And I'm sick. So just imagine where I'll get the physical strength from.


Grabe. Uso ngayon insomnia and depression. Fucking stress.

Pero seriously, it's uso.

Sooner or later, going to shrinks and popping pills will be the next big thing. That's the problem with modernity, you know. How can you be strong emotionally when you know na may back-up. Shrinks. Psychs. Yadayadayada.

You're not even supposed to expect them to work you know. They aid you in helping yourself.. pero you help yourself. Yun yun.

We all live in different realities, set in paradigms that we can adapt to our lifestyle alone. Sabi nga nila paulitulit, it's all in the mind.

So sometimes, I begin to wonder kaya. I mean, I know that thinking too much can screw your head. Pero it makes you a better person too. On the right hand corner of this blog, I've once put up the statement, "The highest purpose of your life should be to grow in spiritual grace and power."

Wala lang. Strength. Happiness. The pursuit of peace and contentment.

My heart is smiling.

Siyempre sooner or later, may challenge nanaman na dadating.. and I'm going to go crazy again. It may be worse than the previous ones, pero atleast I'm stronger. Maraming nagain from the shit Ive put myself through.

Hay angels.


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