Friday, July 4, 2008

i speak of love

dear monay mommy and ofw daddy,

possibly one of love's greatest gift is distance. to take someone away from you, when you want it so badly.

in distance, our hearts grow fonder.
what the eff am i saying? sino naman ba ako diba? what credibility do i have to proclaim the statements ive mentioned? i've been in love, sana enough na yun.
in distance, our love grows stronger.

alam natin na it's too early to tell, and we are young and restless. pero kung nahanap mo pa, bat ka pa hahanap ng iba. why do you have to experiment pa to find the perfect person when the perfect person is in front of you already?

number does not exist in love. it's not in how long you've been with each other, its not in how many years you've spent living.

trust your love for each other. if in both your hearts you know that this is true love, the chances are its enough.

be thankful that God gave you distance. kasi kung hindi dahil dito, you wouldn't understant how much you want this love.


mackyyyy said...

The distance between us only increases our desire

anak, salamat sa pagiintindi smin *huggy huggy*

Distance is the greatest test. A love that survives this great test is a love that is 'Quality Inspected and Guaranteed for Life

i love you so much anak!

louieee said...

ayan na nttakot na naman ako... sabi nya sakin pinayagan na daw cya umuwi anytime basta daw may budget. tas ngyon bigla ko naicp what if hndi dumating ung day na yon?
what if hndi cya mkabalik?umaasa ako na the soonest will be next yr, eh wat if hndi pa cya nxt yr bbalik? tas maghihintay pa ulit ako tapos pano pag hintay akong hintay tapos hndi cya dumating? pano pag natapos na yung 5yrs na hndi pa cya bumabalik?
pano na kaya ung relationship namin? pano na kaya ung love namin?
ngayon lang ako umiyak ng ganito...takot na takot tlga ko....