Monday, July 14, 2008

Sweetest Thing In The World

My mom and dad are celebrating their civil wedding anniversary today. (Well, they have around 3 annivs in a year, dont ask.)

So, the thing is, they are both soooo dependent on me.

How my sunday went:

3:30pm Wakeup. Popsy shows his gift for Ma which turns out to be a Nokia6500 since my mom's phone is so warag na. Tells me to wrap it up TODAY.
5:00 Merienda with family
6:00 Mass. Ma tells me to pretend that I have a business to attend to in GH. She's yet to buy an anniv gift for Pa.
7:00 Before leaving the car, Pa tells me to stay behind and told me he needs me to pretend that I have business to attend to somewhere so we can go to Dangwa and buy my mom roses.
7:10 I pretend that I have to go to GH and calms Popsy down and told him will deal with dangwa when we get back
8:00 My mom buys my dad a Nokia6500! JUST IMAGINE HOW HILARIOUS I FOUND EVERYTHING. Awww.. and sweet.
8:30 Arrives home. I wrap their gifts and hid it in their closets. No need for names. Ma cooks steak. Steak = Special Occasion
9:00 Pa tells Me we have to go to 7/11. WTF! PINAKA KALOKOHANG EXCUSE SA WORLD! 7/11?!?!?!!
9:30 We get home.

ANG SWEET! They have the same gift. Waaah. I cant wait for them to find out.

It's 5am in the mornig and Im still awake. Fuck life.

My writing sucks. Bear with me.


earlbabuy said...

paborito ko tlaga parents mo.

macci said...

paborito ka din naman nila e. hahaha.