Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I did a photoshoot with Jas today.

My sisters are very pretty creatures. Actually we all are. The three of us. I've always suspected that they are prettier than I am actually. But I grew up very gracefully (well, kinda), and I turned into a pretty girl too in the end.

And now that I am, I have the peace of mind. I no longer need to be prettier than anyone. I no longer mind being in the back ground and no longer in the lime light. I want to create beauty using my own hands.

Here's the deal, if the pictures I posted are from flicker, then they are formal photographs. If they are from photobucket, then I just like them.

The makeup is the best, don't we all agreee?


BTW, people miss my blog. The blog leave is indefinite.

Maybe I'll just shock people. I'll be back before december.

I'm thinking about doing a Phiary instead of your typical blog.

Phiary = Photo diary. I mean this would most likely elevate my look at photography. Make me focus more.


Why am I doing photog?

Want to know why?


A mother's love for her child is so very great because she feels needed. Feeling needed is the ultimate high. We all need happiness and purpose. Yadayada *insert more philosophical shit here*.

The reason I do photog is because I don't think I have any other greater purpose than to be good at my work. That's a workaholic for you.

I'm very greatful for having a functional family. Grabe. I'm deranged. I like it because I know some people will be begging for a great family and all that shit. Grabe. Human creatures are so irrational.

But the ultimate loss is of one finally losing hope. Whoa. Philosophical emo.

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