Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lalalalala :)

Ang astig ni Heath Ledger.

Too bad he's dead.

This entry is so long overdue.

I loved Batman : The Dark Knight. Sobra. You have no idea.

I mean, you know how everyone's going through some weird psychopathy these days, right? Or well, maybe that's just me.

Wait. Deja vu?

Or baka naman nasulat ko na to before.


Funny, you guys dont know that I'm still blogging. I can't NOT blog, you know. I can't help it. My hands will always find a way to get itself on a keyboard and type away like there's no tomorrow. Despite the senselessness, I still write. I'm just waiting for one of us to giveup on me. It's either you dear readers whom I've been sneakily cheating on, or myself.




Ang epal ng world. Pag hindi ako nagsulitxt, may nagtetext sakin. Tas pag nagsulitxt ako, wala naman nagtetext. WHAT DA FUCK!

P.S. Macci. Please stop stalking your crushes. Para kang gago.

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