Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fact or fiction shit

When will the day that i stop thinking about the twists of human nature come?
The day that I'll wakeup and smell the air and go on?


I can't help buth think of true love these days. Pessimistically speaking (haba nun), does it really exist? Let me rephrase that with a more fitting selection of words... Does true love really ffuucckkiinggg exist?

Human beings are not wired to be monogamous. We just really need changes. Naiinip tayo. Imagine facing the next 40, 50 or even 80 years of your life looking at the same person eveery single day. How do you keep the magic that way?

It's not impossible, of course, but that's pretty difficult. Magka magic palang with someone, it's already much of a challenge.

Okay, so maybe it does exist. The odds are still against it. In the fast moving world where you meet people of different natures every single day, the way we were meant to exist/act as humans, the pleasant and unpleasant surprises of life... will it ever be there?

It's the ultimate high, you know. Love. The thought of loving someone all your life. One person who deserves you and you truly deserve. The person who makes you smile, content, horny (sorry. But, hello, it's true!), precious and appreciated. The person who will make you a better and happier person until the end.

Sigh. Love. The vice of humanity.

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