Sunday, August 24, 2008


It's official.

I like going home drunk. Semi.

Easier said than done. Pero pag andun ka na sa moment, nagisisisi ka, dahil... basta! Tapos you curse yourself the next day because hang overs are the worstest worstests! Ever.

Pleasures in life:

1. Going out really late.
2. Spending
3. Gossip
4. Political conversations: Talking about religion, batman, the government, and hollywood.. etc etc.
5. Making out with someone you like.
6. Taking great pictures
7. Watching feel good movies
8. Milo
9. Compliments
11. When your toe nails are clean and painted with clear polish. Ang ganda e.
11. Cleaning your ears na sobrang sarap tumitirik mata mo
12. Mozarella pizza from Amici
13. Finishing a plate and loving it
14. Anything ethereal
15. Good mornings :)
16. Doing something nice for someone. (Nakanaks!)
17. Peace and quiet
18. Busyness
19. New people
20. Old friends
21. Good company!!!
22. Salon moments
23. Going to new places
24. Answering an exam you actually studied for!

Yeaaahhh... I am a sucker for good company. Pakshet. Talo ka jan e.

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