Monday, August 18, 2008

Things not to be thankful for

1. I do not have a date
2. I stay home 1/3 of fridays and saturday nights
3. The world and life itself is weird.
1. I do not have a boyfriend / I just lost a boyfriend / Im nor over my exboyfriend

Thinsg to be thankful for:
1. I have a great family who loves me
2. I have great friends who loves me
3. I love myself
4. I have everything I need
5. I have a new camera bag
6. I have a bit of a lovelife
7. Lot's of guys have crushes on me which s a big deal because I was an ugly duckling. Huwahahahaha!
8. I drink and it's cool
9. Im a great person
10. I'm talented
11. I'm smart
12. I can make things work
13. I'm charming
14. I know how to love people unromantically
15. I'm young
16. I have a colorful life
17. I have a 400D
18. I have a great great wardrobe
19. I have a great makeup collection
20. I know how to fix myself up
21. I love my girls
22. I love my boys
23. I love my bestfriends
24. I love my sisters
25. I love my mom
26. I love my dad
27. The small world I live in finds me cool
28. I have clean toes right now
29. I have my dad's soul in me. Which rocks because he's my idol.
30. I don't have classes tomorrow.
31. I'm kinda broke, but I barely care
32. There's so much to be thankful for

I want other people to be happy too.

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