Monday, August 11, 2008

Semi-secret blog

Okay. First of all. The thing is, I still blog.

But I don't think the world will be able to read this now, because it's practically hidden. It's properly concealed under a statement of blog leave.

Things I found out recently:

1. The best jeans are at Kamiseta. They have XXS, which is perfect for me... and they're jeans are pretty. Plus, when they say lowrise, they mean low-rise. The zipper says it all. Snuggest pair I've ever owned.

2. I found the perfect blushes at Penshoppe for Php169. I mean, it can be bad for my skin, but whatevs, right?

3. I semi-vow not to wear nail polish anymore. I'm intimidating the way I am already. I need to top scaring people. I know it's so FC and trying hard, trying to know people well.. but it's just something you have to learn. I mean, I am a wallflower... REALLY!?!?!? I get all giddy when new people come around, but I'm so palpak at saying Hi!

4. I'm not much of a drinker. I mean, I am still a girl. But here's a secret: Berri Orange + Gin + Cubes of ice = A DISCRETE ROCKING ALCOHOL DRINK! Perfection.

5. I miss studying. Prelims tomorrow, I'm studying ad prac. Woohoo! Socios's free, though. Hooray for us.

6. I HAVE A HUGE GUCCI BAG WHOM I NOW VOW AS A FAVORITE! My lola sent it, and I doubted it's authencity for a while. But what the heck! It's amazingly pretty! Love love love it!

Dear readers who found this entries,

Please don't tell me that you read. Nacoconscious and naprepressure ako.

Please respect that.

Beggingly yours,

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