Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Puerto gallera at 3am and I don't know what's up.

I reread past blog entries. As in those from season one. Helloo... I wasn't much happy then either.

Sigh happiness.

Where are you?

And why is this blog still a bit so emo?


Trvialities of life please...

The L-boys and their girlies are going to Club Manila East after the Puerto. Durd, Wifey, Lester, Loren, Jomps, Nica, Marbs, the Mika whatever girl I've never met, Jocas (promdate's cuz..yadayayadayada. *Insert distant and complicated relation here*), Victa (someone's exie... yadayada) ARE ALL GOING! I'm not going because:

1. I don't have the budget
2. I have tagaytay with fam.


not that I want to be an L-boy girl... helloo!??! I just like being around people. New one. YOU CAN MAKE ME NOT WEAR A BIKINI, YOU KNOW. But doesn't it just seem so fun?? Beer, boys, new people and a fucking pool(in more than one ways)!?!?!!

But don't get this wrong and please please please don't take this hypocritically. I like being single. I really really really don't want a boyfriend. YES! FOR REAL! I mean, I want a guy... a boytoy perhaps, but not a real BF. I mean, I knnooow I'm living in a world of my own infatuation, but isn't love just some sucky game which I just prolly lost at.

It sucks being a girl. Pag hindi ka nagserioso, hindi ka seseryosihin. Duh. Modernity's just one sucky cycle that seems not to work. Emotions, attractions, and coincidences are just all pretty shitty.

Sigh. Life.

Excuse me, I'll just go take pictures now.


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