Monday, August 18, 2008

Thing's I've Learned in College

1. Meanness is so Passe.
2. It's ok to drink as long as you don't get drunk.
3. Your passion and your ego are your best assets
4. If you want to kiss a guy, go for it. As long as you're pretty, it works.
5. We are all capable of human emotions, but guys are different from girls.


50% of the world population makes less than 100php in a day.


Everything in the world is overrated. Love, success, sex, alcohol... etc etc. This is the reason why people succumb and are disappointed by false hoped.

The only thing underrated is Philosophy. But it's better that way, because if you give it the attention it always deserved, humanity will be in such a depressing state.

The only properly rated matter is Psychology. If everyone is rational and would start thinkng of other people, better yet, the betterness of the great majority, the world will be a better place. However, we are set by nature to survive, even if that means in dispense of others.


Life is like a summer fling. It ends. You just have to savor every moment of it and keep yourself happy. And mahalaga ay ang ngayon. The past is past, the future will happen soon.. pero now is now. :)

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