Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fuck you.

I drink. I smoke. I spend too much.

I no longer slut around. (Hooray to me.)

Im normal.

I don't need help. I'm just like your average 18 year old turning 19 in a month or so.

I'm drifting away, intentionally. I am a mean bitch who deserves no one. I'm getting good at leaving people behind. Except for THAT ONE. That single one. I'm getting better though. Pero who are these people compared to you?

We had a year and eleven months and 2 days dear, and I'm still not completely over you. You went after me for a year and six days. I still have it going, I know. I'm on a roll.

I spent my best days with you, as sad as that seems. Because you were there, and because it was the right time to be happy. It just wasn't the right time for something so serious. I've got the rest of my life infront of me and someone will come along. Will there be a right time?

Will I ever be friends with you? I want to, for formality's sake. But it's not the right time right now. Maybe in the future. Or maybe there's no right time.

You were wonderful.

But it just shattered.

I still can't get over the fact that you replaced me in less than 60 days. And that you lied. And that you hurt me. That's what hurt the most you know. Not the losing you part. The fact that you replaced me in less than 60 days. You had the guts to lie to my face pa so many times.

It's been six months and I've never let the anger seep through. Well here goes.

Fuck you. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck you for hurting me.

Call me unfair, call me whatever you wish.

Fuck you.

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