Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Manong Guard took my ID because I was wearing denim jeans to school. Black semi-denim jeans which didn't use to be a big deal back then...

It isn's to bad really.. since it's always been a bit of an issue and I've never really done anything to legalize my schoolwear. (They said they won't let me in beato wearing those jeans, so I got a new cotton-ish pair from Bench. Sadly, cotton-ish does not count as slacks. Fucker.)

So now.... I guess I'll be actually buying the offial CFAD slacks which may absolutely do nothing for me. :( And what the fuck am I going to do with the previous five pairs I've purchased solely for school use!??!

Oh. And I'm still kinda broke.


Nica's hair is kulot and she was able to conceal it from us for THREE FUCKING YEARS! And she went around all day showing off her glory of curls.

Then I cut it. Now it's all pretty and layered at the back. Well, hopefully it is... We'll find out after she wash her hair.

Anyhows,:D Yihee. The tandem called Macci and Anypairoffunctionalscissors is on again.


Pauline's back home and I still haven't talked to her. Sucks. If life were perfect, I'd have brought her to Terrance's on Saturday night. But I have an earlier affair to attend to... so there we go. My bestfriend still don't know my college friends. PAU WHERE ARE YOU?


Oh and yeah, if life were perfect, I'd have my ID back and I can go to school in my pair of black non-denim/non-slacks jeans.

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