Friday, November 14, 2008

Post-controversy ish

I am sick.

As Timbay says, it's flu season. It's going around. It's either you're sick, or your seatmate is. A third of the biosphere population is suffering from cough, cold, snottiness, bangag-ness, grouchyness and phlegm.

I don't feel so good.


Macci: ...Hindi naman kasi ako ung tipo ng tao na masalita e.
World: ULOL!


Random other people updates:

1. Marina likes RJ. La lala lala la.
2. Nica is still kulot.
3. Bryski is career mode moveiewatching-wise
4. Mel is hard to draw caricature wise
5. Adtu is green for the fashion show. Ugh. Green. I wish we did the stereotype themes instead.
6. Adtu loves Ma'am Nady lectures
7. Bombee is not takda, he is bakla.
8. Geno is very much missed still
9. Pepz does the invites
10. Kit not blogging enough
11. Khan is MIA

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