Friday, November 7, 2008

Broke. Not broken. Nor emo.


I finally had my bedsheets changed after over 2 months. Or more. I'm not telling.


I know the sheets are not in sync with each other, but wtf. It's so nice to sleep in.

And btw, I'm like totally broke. So broke that I'm in debt. I'm working on raising my allowance, I am, but it's not working very well because I am under parental probation. A.k.a. nagpapagoodshot.

The previous statement follows that I will be having a week-long alcohol fasting. Well, it doesn't start today, mind you. 2nd week of the school year.

So, what's up with me?

1. Under Parental Probation due to going home smelling like smoke and bottle of beers. Not once, not twice, not thrice... get the idea yet?

2. I do not have new clothes. At all. I've been recycling.

3. My insomnia is a wee bit better because I still do the fake yoga before sleeping, and because of the 'divine' bedsheets.

4. I have somewhere to go to tomorrow night, but I have respectively Php-150 and no savings. See the negative sign (-)? I've yet to figure out how to survive school tomorrow! Or go to school at that.

5. I firmly believe that I am undoubtedy kicked out from the DL list and the only way to get my name there is via some divine intervention. Which does not really happen in real life. If I were in some tacky movie or book, I'd find my name there "unexpectedly"... but what am I saying? Life's not perfect... can you see that I'm short. In more ways than one.

6. I think I lost a pound or two. No big deal. Atleast I still look properly malnourished.

7. HOWEVER DUE TO ALL THE MISFORTUNES PRESENTED, I AM PERFECTLY HAPPY. Which is totally weird. And I think the yoga-ish did it!

8. I haven't smoked for x days. Well, that isn't very extreme an event... but the fact that I've been surrounded by my lovely friends who smoke all those x days gives it more meaning than, well, me staying home andnot having a stick in sight. Peer pressure begone.

9. We miss Geno. Correction. WE NEED GENO! This is his idea of the perfect semester. T_T Fashion. Photography. Caricatures. Fashion Show. Fashion. Fashion. Fashion. WHERE ARE YOU? YOU'VE BEEN M-I-A FOREVER! We can't stop thinking about you!!!

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