Friday, November 28, 2008

Today Part2

I had to cut part 1 short to save you, my lovely avid readers, from boredom. But again I go.

Hear hear.

Friday is plate day and unless I'm invited out, I'll be staying home and be all academic. You've no idea how much school work I missed because of what Gel jologz-ly calls "kaka-goodtime".

Well, she isnt't really wroooong, is she?

Nica on the other hand tells me to get God as a boyfriend and start being all goody already.

In other words, people are starting to get concerned.

And I am sooo late in realizing that they are.

The wake-up call?
1. 2 more absences I'm failing Ad Design. (I don't like addes much right now, though.)
3. Some guy who we shall be anonimizing with the penname "Jonh" asked me if life is treating me well enough and why am I not being dragged around by the usual girls I surround myself with.
4. I forgot to count. Tignan niyo ^ walang #2.
5. PD. CFD.


I am not turning my PC on til I'm done with work. Some people are sucked in their bed like some scientifically unexplained vortex... and Richard does that to me. I am, have been, always will be, in love with you.

Richard is the crappiest laptop in class. Gel used to have the crappies one, pero hightech na cia ngaun. Me, I'm using the never wading Mr.R.

You know how I see it?

You know how it no longer matters how faded by time mobile phones are? The more vintage-ous (uy imbento term), the better? That's how this laptop is.

Maski na kinakain na cia ng virus, sumusuka na na din cia ng virus, isa isa ng natatanggal mga keys nia sa keyboard, gasgas niya sadya kuno, springy na ung monitor, di na cia sensitive sa usb devices, at madalas na ciang mas sabog pa skin.. MAHAL NA MAHAL KO PA DIN TO. Antique to e.

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