Friday, November 7, 2008

Moving moving moving

The thing is, my idea of sport is stretching. Uhhuh. And I don't excel in it. I can't even fucking reach my toes without that anguish pain on my tendons. Scratch that. I don't know what tendons are.

Moving on.

Me and my friends got this Friendship Notebooks. 6 miniature-ish notebooks with pretty pretty and expensive looking desighs. Well, despite the classiness, it's still immature to have friendship notebooks. Especially now that we are in our third year of college. AND WE HAVE A FRIEND AGED 20 (uhh.. Gel)!

Mine says "Happy Memorial Sky". Aaaandd.. despite the classiness, the captions are reminiscent of dysfunctional korean dvd subtitle. Don't let me get into the other girl's captions.

Moving on (again).

I want flash for my 400d. I want the flash so that I can use the pretty diffuser! (I am so absolutely lame.)
I want lenses too.


They coined the term "old school" and the world became a better place. Old stuff aren't just "old"... they are "old school". Totally tacky songs from 90s and beyond are oldschool. Shouldpads are old school. The monstrous look I had from my past is old school. And monstrous.

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