Wednesday, November 12, 2008



You wait for what ranges from 5mins to 15 mins to an hour for a message not more than a hundred characters. The anticipation is awful. And you always have to check your phone for updates.

Then technical misfits (e.g. signal, battery, networks, dysfunctional keypad...)

I know I used to complain that I barely get to text anyone and I just realized why I dont. The fucking anticipation is hell.

Rant mode.


My worst habit in the world is hitting the snooze button on everything. Waking up. Doing work.

My second worst habit is / has been cutting my hair.

The third worst would be chasing the crush away.


To Do List

-PD Research: a.size reference
-Photo: (Ad Reproduction) a.Submit ref b.Take photo
-Fashion: (Ways and Means) Make calls for sponsorship
-Ad Des: a.Render b.9 boxes comic strip
-Fashion: 4 figures of sports apparel

-Find 400D charger
-Find your Mocha Pink blusher
-Fix bags
-Buy Jas's stud belt
-Replenish funds (e.g. You are broke do something about it)
-Band record whatevevevs.

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