Friday, November 28, 2008

Today Part1

Friday is now officially plate day.

I woke up at 11am and started working. Cutting, painting, conceptualizing... etc etc the works.

I am still late for everything. Late for CFD. Late for PD. But well, I dont mind the tardy. I just hate submitting crappy works.

Im late for school too every single day. Angels, help. :(

THE PD Plate is pretty. Ok lng. People would possibly like it. A bit impressive. But I don't like it. I did my best, I did. Still, bad composition. Oh well.. atleast the mojo is back.


This is the the third night I won't be sleeping. I've been comsuiming salvation (Starbucks Venti Hot Mocha) (uhhh. Pacool o. Sbux pre! lol.) for two night straight. When I asked my mom for another one because ill be pulling an all-nighter, she said "Tangina! Magtimpla na nalang kaya!"

Fine. She didn't really say that... but the content is very similar.


Yours truly is strictly an FX girl. But since I waited all morning at E-rod... with a bag weighing half my body mass strapped on me, I've decided to take the jeep. Yeah! After 30 mins I've decided to take the jeep. It was ok. It's morning anyway. And people smell pretty in the am.

Therefore, I've finally made up this practical rule I should've promulgated two years ago to take the jeep if life's being shit transportion-wise.

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