Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On academics, honesty, and relief.

So far, I am sooo behind. Everyone's at the peak of theire works and I'm just starting out. Damn.

Is the DL-power wearing off this quickly. (Oh yeah, it already has.)

Am I doing everything in my power to pull my grades up? Am I, ack ack ack, being mediocre?

Seriously.. help. I need a lot of push right now. Please. I need you to show me that I'm sooo far behind and that I have to start working already.

The perfect solution to DL-dom: Stay home with nothing interesting to do aside from photoshop, sketching, and conceptualizing. Enough socializing, you social climbing bitch! Stay home and remind yourself that life is not all fun and games... Life's more of torturing youreself to work.

Semi-Perfect working situation:
Chatting with plate at hand.
Ipod on and working in class.
Painting while gossiping.
etc etc


I don't lie. I do my bestest in the world never to lie. To my friends, to my parents, and to myself. Especially the self part, because the best way to fix yourself is to know what to fix anyway. Not that I'm very good at fixing myself. I'm not good with memorizing either, so excuse making is not my forte. Why depend on a fictional statement when you can manipulate the truth without lying.

I, however, do keep secrets. And play pranks. A lot.

But I don't lie.

Disclaimer: As much as I can.



That was harsh, I know. And well it's not exactly closure. You're around there roaming and its just over with. I tried other ways, but it nothing works as well as this.

That was perfection to the core. Perfect perfect perfect. Sigh.

And That was x months overdue. Relief. The greatest weight has been liften from my ribs and I can breathe again. And live again.

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