Saturday, November 22, 2008

Artistically Emo


Okay. Im not going to sleep. This is what will happen. I'm prepping up for school at 5am, then I'll be at school at 7. I have an hour to kill, which I will probably use for Fashion Design. Im paying nici's 100php! Finally! I hate borrowing money, ugh.


My biology is wasted. I popped my first ever ever ever v tonight (im sorry to disappoint you friends and family), buuut turns out I just drunk no-drowse decolgen. So that just means I am now completely wasted. Disorriented. My body will be detoriorating soon.


I am in no posession of legal intimacy. It's so poetic that it's quizical. Legal intimacy. Legal intimacy.

You can ask for it, it's just like the Vs... or any other form of drugs. Its something you just have to look for, and if you really want it you'll have it.

That is so not the point, though. The point is I'm still awake at 3:23 and my mind has fearlessly wandered all the options of teen-age life as an artist. It's the art in the mess, chaos, and ruins.

All that and you have to keep your self sane for college. And for your damn no longer squeeky clean, but fortunately clean nonetheless, reputation.


Ice Cream is for the heartbroken. Dearest dear dear, I love you. We've always been like this, but we somehow get through stuff. LQ is LQ, but the L in LQ prevails! Woohoo! Hanep!

Olats, pare.. I sound like some potbelly-ed drunkard, I know. But oh well.. richish.

Lol lol lol. This sounds so malisyoso. Huwahahah.

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