Friday, November 21, 2008

On illness, strength, enigma, and haircuts

6 hours ago I was so fucckingly sick. As in. I can't remember being so pissed off at being sick than that. So that's how being sick feels like.

Growing up lessens the charm of sickness. You used to get pampered up when you're sick, and you get an extra special everything. You don't even have to eat dinner when you're sick.. and you pretend to be sicker than you really are for the sake of sympathy.

Then you grow up. And when you do, being sick means you don't feel well. T_T At all.


Sweetheart, what happened to this?

Strength is the ability to make great changes despite the consequences.
Strength is the ability to adapt to changes.
Strength is positive thinking inspite of challenges and difficulties.
Strength is grace under pressure.
Strength is calmness.
Strength is being able to think straight and proper.
Strength is accepting blame and keeping an open mind.
Strength is kindness.
Strength is an outlook that makes things better instead of bleak.
Strength is standing up.
Strength is living under correct principles.
Strength is betterness for others and for yourself.
Strength is finding happiness.


Remember when I used to post cryptic entries months ago? Well, I can't understand a word of it now. o_O



I need a haircut. AS IN. AS IN AS IN AS IN AS IN! My hair is in a stage where it needs... a haircut! As in!

BUUUT... I'm waiting 'til december. Mid-december? End of december?

Haircuts can be rather scary, you know. You don't really know what you'll look like when you get out of the salon. Scaaarrryyyy...

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