Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Squar root

Just to keep you guys entertained.

Watchy watch!


Can't breathe.

Well, actually... nung isang araw ko pa napanuod yan at hindi na siya ganun kaeffectiv.


Sicky. :(

Again. Told you it's around.


So anyway, I've been keeping it quiet but I am involved with some trial band with some guys I know. It's nothing really. I just tried it, and frankly, I enjoy it. Thing is, I kill too much time on the studio just hanging out. I go home too late. My alcohol rate has increased threefold. Fine, it's not really the band's fault... But I just think I won't be pushing through with it anymore. I mean, my vocals suck. I don't think I can actually BE a band girl anyway.

I mean the people are great. They're funny and spontaneous and extremely laidback... there's charm in that. And I get along well with most people... so why not right?

Gawd. I don't even know why I'm ranting here.

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