Monday, May 19, 2008

10:42 a.m.

Suffered crack of the dawn insomnia again. Couldn't sleep and therefore "tidied" up my room a little. I haven't done any form of tidying up for the past month so imagine how awful my room looks like right now.

It's so messy that I'm starting to appreciate it and figure that it's art. Uh-huh! That bad talaga!

I swore I'd be "tidying up" again once morning comes around, but hello hello, I'm infront of the PC again, blogging.

I really have to decrease my internet time. The only thing is, what else is there to do? Read? The new book drives me to sleep. It's not one of those page turners that initiated my insomnia in the first place. So maybe I should just indulge in buhay baboy... eat, sleep, eat, sleep... that would do soo good for my physical health, wellbeing, and aesthetic value!

Thing is, I'm not good at both. Not good at sleeping, not good at eating either. (Look at me. Im a vision of stress!)


They really are semi-perfect. I got one dark gray, purple, and green. Wala lang. I'll be shopping more, soon. Mwah, world.

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