Monday, May 5, 2008


thank god for poker madness. if it werent for poker, me and the clique (clique.. referring me and the girls. and some guys too, whoever's around i guess.) would've stooped down to playing binggo! BINGGO! pakshet!

well nicurr and i bought our own set of chips for our poker needs. we really need it, see. and we need lots of practice. poker night's just around the corner, guys.

guess how much ive spent on this stuff!


macci, sweetheeart... admit it. the last blog entries you've been posting have no significant literary value or whatsoever. you were just posting for the sake of posting.

not that that was bad, see.

but ive been reading books again lately. yaaay! hooray for me. the bookworm in me has finally come back.

i've yet to finish khan's copy of "american gods". pity though, ive finished 7/8 of the book already and ive decided to stop. it gets boring unfortunately. i have reached the point that i can no longer understand what the fuck is going on with the characters!

at the moment im reading "hating women" by some rabbi named shmuley boteach. contrary to the title, the book is complete feminism bullshit. kinda. well, id discuss that someday, i guess. and that's for heavy reading.

for light reading i am totally consumed by Jessica Zafra's "Womanegerie" (note that ive taken effort to uppercase the first letters. that signifies my total respect and utter worship for her and her style. awesome, i tell you. fucking awesome!).

as much as i want to elaborate Zafra's style, i caaaannnttt. all i can say is she's so filipino and so smart and so woman. accckkk. and im savoring every page of it. tinitipid ko nga actually. i mean, if i get to finish all her books, what would be left to pick me up?

you're not a real bookworm unless you've read the Zafra.


omg. i am so back at giving book reviews.

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